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Unique Experiences in Spain

A visit to Spain is like receiving one big, warm hug from a friend you haven’t seen for years. With its laid back lifestyle, world famous cuisine, pleasant climate, vibrant city life, relaxed coast and fiestas aplenty. There’s no doubt that your time in Spain will be a wonderful one.

Whilst the typical things to do in Spain are sunny beach days, paella and sangria. There are many unique Spanish experiences to discover off the beaten track. It’s the perfect description of the old mixing with the new. It’s a beautiful, dynamic, cultured, intriguing country with an abundance of uniqueness and variety.

Of course you’ve got the thriving capitals of Madrid and Barcelona, the vast regional winelands (of which there are over 60), the simply stunning Basque country and some true up-and-commers in the form of Granada and Seville.

Top Things to do

Top Places to Visit
  1. Tenerife


  2. San Sebastián

    San Sebastián

  3. Mallorca


  4. Seville


  5. Barcelona


  6. Madrid