Beach Kitchen


Enjoy a Gourmet mussel feast in a secret location with spectacular views of Camps Bay and the sunset.

On this adventure we are really letting you in on a secret, so you have to promise to keep it on the down low! Come and join me as we prepare a gourmet mussel pot feast on the rocks and boulders of my secret spots along the beaches of Cape Town.

Once we arrive at the secret location I will get to work setting up my outdoor beach kitchen, and you will get to work setting up your perfect location to watch the sunset, or explore the beautiful surrounds. Some brave souls can attempt a cold water snorkel or rock jump into the ocean, and others can attempt a cold beverage (both options are very refreshing)

We will watch the sunset while enjoying the gourmet mussel pot, freshly baked breads and a range of extra exciting side bites and cheeses!

What's Included

Mussel Pot, Bread and range of snacks)
Professional guide service.
Basic First Aid kit.
Snorkel gear, wetsuit, gloves (optional)
Sparling Water and fruit Juices

What's Not Included

Alcohol beverages of choice.

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