The Whisky Making Adventure


Scotland is the land of whisky and it is produced all over the country. But what distillery to visit? After all there are over 100 distilleries split around five distinct areas of Scotland. We have searched most of them to come up with this unique and very different whisky experience.

Your day starts with a 6 mile rafting trip from Aberfeldy to Grandtully in stunning Highland Perthshire where you will experience the landscape that contributes to the making of whisky. You will be rafting on some of the water the Dewars Distillery has not used in the whisky making process and you pass by the distillery that you will be spending the afternoon in. After a light local lunch it is off to Dewars Distillery for The Connoseurs Tour.

Take a guided tour of Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery to discover how we make the beautifully balanced single malt at the heart of Dewar’s Scotch. Visit the warehouse to learn more about the angels’ share and our unreasonable commitment to quality – double aging our whisky for a richer smoother flavour.

Take part in a multi-sensory tutored session to explore the flavour profiles and whisky regions of Scotland.

Use your new found knowledge to create your own personalised blend of Experimental Batch using cask strength single malt and grain whisky. Our Blender’s Tour also includes a taste from the cask in the warehouse and a complimentary glass to take home. Also included is the heritage centre offering a unique insight into founders; John Dewar and his sons Tommy and John Alexander.

What's Included

Distillery and warehouse tour.
Self guided Heritage Centre experience.
Taste from the cask in the warehouse.
Complimentary glass.
Multi-sensory tutored session.
500ml bottle of your own blend.

What's Not Included

Transport to and from Aberfeldy.

Location Information

Based in the scenic town of Aberfeldy in Perthshire Scotland.

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