Discover Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, a heel you’ll inevitably fall head over in love with as soon as you step foot in this idyllic region. With it’s several hundred miles of beach dotted coastline, Puglia has stamped it’s way to being one of Italy’s most exquisite areas.

Discover Puglia and you’ll find the range of things to do goes much further than catching rays by the sea (although this place does make it rather easy to do that). With it’s ancient towns, scattered with extravagant churches, designed by Europe’s finest architects, it’s abundance of olive orchards producing the ripest olive oil on the continent, it’s important history which tells a story featuring many a different countries across the Mediterranean, or outside the towns it’s rustic landscape throws out plenty of scenic wonders, it’s also worth mentioning the food, which puts Puglia on the map amongst some of the great culinary countries.

So yeah, time to step away from the crowds and discover your own piece of Puglian paradise? We’ll leave that up to you…